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Butcher Race Engineering

English Axle lowering saddles (Weld in place)

English Axle lowering saddles (Weld in place)

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English axle weld on lowering blocks to suit Mk2 escort shock mount. 
These replace any existing lowering blocks and brackets on the axle and weld directly to the axle tube for more positive location. It also allows you to set your diff angle without fear of it moving. 
Lowering heights of -1.25”, -1.5”, -1.75” and -2” are available. These are based on removing the existing brackets from a Mk2 Escort axle. For custom heights please message and these can be made to suit. 
different base plates to suit Mk1 escort and 105e are available on request. 
These come as a pair of saddles with 8 nuts and bolts. 

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