CNC Plasma Cutting and design

Our CNC plasma cutter at BRE can handle a 3000mm x 1500mm sheet of material, effortlessly cutting through 12mm or edge starting on 16mm.

We can manufacture custom parts, in mild steel and aluminium, from drawings/DXFs or create them based on customer sketches & ideas.

Below are some examples where we have taken a picture and turned it into a cut part. The first are a pair of stag heads where a picture was provided and a pair of 1.5mm thick mild steel stag heads were cut.


Some 1800mm x 150mm signs for a repeat customers gates. The customer sent over the text, font and size required. The design was then created, agreed with the customer and then cut, cleaned and sent.


A customer wanted a stencil making of their logo that they could use to spray onto aluminium radiators that they manufacture. The customer provided a PDF of the logo and the cut file was created from this and the final stencil produced from 1mm mild steel.

Logo provided above.

Stencil file created above.

Customers radiator with their logo sprayed on by using the stencil above.