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Classic Car, Motorsport Fabrication, Performance Engineering and General Light Fabrication Services.

At Butcher Race Engineering, we have accumulated 20 years of experience in
the classic car, motorsport, and general engineering sectors. Our expertise
allows us to provide a variety of engineering and fabrication services
specifically tailored for automotive vehicles.

Our worldwide recognition is attributed to our years of successful
production and sale of RX8 gearbox conversions, a product that was developed on
our own cars and has expanded over time to include a wider range of engines.
Many of these conversion kits have found their way into classic cars,
particularly classic Fords, as a viable substitute for the outdated, costly,
and worn-out Type9 gearbox used in the Sierra and Capri. Due to the 6-speed
transmission's second gear ratio of 2.269, it closely resembles the p100
gearbox, making these extremely popular amongst oval racers.

We have recently released a brand new gearbox conversion kit specifically
designed for the Zetec and pinto engines. This kit is compatible with the Mazda
MX5 NC N7 gearbox, which is commonly found in the Mk3 MX5 model. More engines
will be covered in time.

Our services include comprehensive restoration and fabrication options,
which encompass professional body shop work. See the Paint and restorations
link at the top of the page for more details.

When it comes to fabrication services, we've got you covered. With our
in-house design facilities and CNC plasma cutting capability, we can handle a
wide range of projects. Count on us for professional, reliable service.