RX8 6 Speed Cable Clutch Fork Fitting Guide

RX8 6 speed cable clutch fork fitting guide

  1. Mark out the side of the gearbox bellhousing for cutting out the clutch fork hole. It is best to use a hole saw for the corners and then disc cut in between the holes finishing with a file to deburr.
  2. Remove the release bearing and pull the original clutch fork out of the gearbox.
  3. Remove the input shaft cover by unscrewing the 7 12mm headed bolts.
  4. Cut the original clutch fork pivot point off and dress flush with the seating face of the input shaft cover bolts. 
  5. Clean off the old sealant from the input shaft cover. Apply new sealant, a flange sealant such as Loctite 510 is best. Fit the 4 bolts as shown in the picture leaving the other 3 out.
  6. Line up the fork bracket and fasten in place using the remaining 3 bolts.

     7. Put the clutch fork through the hole and put the slot onto the pivot pin on the           bracket

     8. Fit the release bearing by putting it over the input shaft cover and twisting                clockwise locking it into the clutch fork.